Past Education Sessions 2017

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Developing and Implementing Standard Operating Procedures

Dec 7, 2017

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Laura Viera, Program Manager for the UNC Trial Innovation Unit, presents on how to develop standard operating procedures for clinical research:

  • Define a standard operating procedure as it relates to clinical research
  • Understand the benefits of standard operating procedures for clinical research compliance
  • Learn to develop and implement standard operating procedures for common research functions in accordance with ICH GCPs

Laura Viera, Program Manager, NC TraCS Institute

Introduction to the UNC Healthcare System Office of Research Support & Compliance (ORSC)

Nov 17, 2017

Various presenters from UNC Healthcare System (HCS) Office of Research Support & Compliance (ORSC), NC TraCS, and the UNC School of Pharmacy present topics to assist researchers in the practice of clinical research beyond the UNC campus and best collaborate with others throughout the UNC Healthcare System Network Entities.

  • Learn about clinical research management processes and start up activities at UNC HCS Network Entities
  • Learn about clinical research oversight and compliance regarding regulatory and IRB issues
  • Learn how to collaborate with UNC HCS Network Entities and execute clinical research with regard to investigational product, recruitment, and trial management

Ian Buchanan, Diane Powers, Diane Towle, Carol Breland, Lindsey Amerine, Jamie Peoples, Terry Hartman

Research Involving Vulnerable Subjects

Mar 10, 2017

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Presenters from the UNC Office of Human Research Ethics IRB present on vulnerable groups and discuss the importance of providing additional safeguards. Discussions focus on prisoners, cognitively impaired individuals, pregnant women and neonates, abusive relationships, children and wards.

  • Define vulnerability
  • Identify various types of vulnerable subjects
  • Understand safeguards to protect the rights of vulnerable subjects
  • Understand the role of the Investigator
  • Understand the role of the IRB

John Roberts, Kathy Seabolt, Carter Church, Shahila Sriskanda

Research in Epic Updates

Feb 16, 2017


  • Be able to list some new research features coming to MyUNCChart
  • Explain what will happen in the new version of Epic when a research appointment gets rescheduled
  • Recall what the new version will do when a research patient is marked as deceased
  • Describe key aspects of chart forwarding which makes monitor visits successful
  • Explain the coordinator’s role in the IDE Billing process

Ed Finerty, Stephanie Mascaro

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