Past Education Sessions 2020

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Prevention of COVID-19

Nov 19, 2020

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Myron Cohen, MD discusses the progress we have made during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the work we still have left to do.

  • Provide latest updates and strategies to protect yourself and your communities
  • Describe investigational treatments and trials
  • Current impact of COVID-19 on the research agenda

Myron Cohen, MD, Director Institute for Global Health and Infectious Disease

Building A Bridge to Network Entity (NE) Research Collaborations

Oct 15, 2020

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  • Learn about the ORSC – Mission, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Learn about UNC Health Network Entities (NE) – Profiles and Unique Characteristics
  • Develop a basic understanding of the steps to research collaboration with NE sites across the state
  • Identify areas to consider when exploring research collaborations with NE sites

Diane Powers, MPH, CHRC, CCRP
System Director, Office of Research Support & Compliance

Kerry Finch, RN, BSN, CCRC
Program Manager, Office of Research Support & Compliance

Andrew Thorne, PharmD, MS
System Clinical Manager, Investigational Drug Services

Adverse Cutaneous Drug Reactions

Sep 17, 2020

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This session is a panel discussion on adverse cutaneous drug reactions.

Topics include a detailed description of the types of cutaneous drug reactions that appear most commonly, and a discussion of CTCAE grading as it relates to cutaneous drug reactions.


Aida Lugo-Somolinos, MD, FAAD
Professor, Dermatology
Director, Clinical Trials Unit, UNC School of Medicine

Communicating with Participants during COVID-19: Policy, Privacy, and Best Practices

Jul 16, 2020

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Emily Olsson, CCRP, NC TraCS Institute

Updates from Investigational Drug Services (IDS) – UNC Health

June 18, 2020

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Andy Thorne, PharmD, MS
System Clinical Manager, Investigational Drug Services

Retaining Hispanics: Lessons from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos

May 21, 2020

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Krista M. Perreira, PhD
UNC Department of Social Medicine

COVID-19 and Clinical Research

Apr 16, 2020

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Christine Nelson, BSN, MBA/HCM, CCRC
Cassandra Myers, CIP

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Clinical Trial Sponsor

Mar 19, 2020

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J. Kaitlin Morrison, PhD

Chart Reviews: Exempt 4 vs. Expedited 5

Mar 12, 2020

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Cassandra Myers, CIP
Mike Matamoros, MS, CIP

What Went Wrong and How To Fix It? – AKA Conducting a Root Cause Analysis and Creating an Effective CAPA Plan

Jan 16, 2020

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Val Buchholz, RN, BSN, CCRC, CHRC

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